Season of Giving!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delayed post. It was a crazy finals week and holiday season. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday break and spent it with the people they love. While my holiday break and Christmas festivities were a little bit different this year, I still found so much to be thankful for and to appreciate. I would say this is the 5th Christmas where I really began to shift my focus on what is most important around Christmas time. It’s not the gifts that people receive. Not the toys under the tree for the little ones, new clothes, etc. It’s the joy of being together! I love having the people I love most around to catch up, share stories and make new memories.

This year my mom and I decided that since we had no immediate plans on Christmas Eve, we would go and deliver toys and other things to kids and make a few families’ day by giving them a few gift cards. It was the most rewarding feeling seeing the kids faces after we gave them a new stuffed animal. Nothing big at all! But I think we as a generation are so surprised when generosity is shown because I feel that is has left us in a way. So I urge you all, and especially the people in my generation to start changing the way people think of generosity and start making it a regular habit. Pay it forward, tell someone their beautiful, grab someone’s coffee the next time you go to Starbucks or Kaldi’s. The littlest things could make someone’s day. So dig deep and try your best to make a difference.

Hope everyone has an awesome Monday! 🙂



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